ICYMI: Lovelynn Gwinn for Congress (R-NY) joined Graham Ledger on One America News Network

ICYMI: Love For New York - Lovelynn Gwinn for Congress (R-NY) joined Graham on One America News Network to discuss her bid to represent New York’s 13th Congressional District.
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Shootings rage in de Blasio’s gun-controlled New York City as the city works to defund the police

New York City, New York – The shootings seem to not be slowing down in New York City, as there was a reported seven shooting incidents on August 2nd that impacted 10 victims total. When reviewing the s...

People Do Not Have the Right to Riot

Protesters in Gotham and other cities around the ­nation are so used to getting their way, they’ve been spoiled. Their illegal occupation of our streets and parks has ­become so routine that the protes...

Protesters have caused nearly $1M in damages to NYPD vehicles

Demonstrators in Gotham have vandalized roughly 300 cop cars and caused nearly $1 million in damages to NYPD vehicles since the start of the George Floyd protests, The Post has learned....